You’re extremely intelligent, but prefer to work alone. You’ll help others for a price and use your stealth, speed, and wits to win. You love to play tricks on others and like to play anything, as long as it tests your intellect. You prefer both day and night, they’re both fine to you.


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"The Fuck?" (A "Nightmare Before Christmas" Parody)


This morning, the lovely and talented jawlinesandcheekbones asked if she could use the bit of derpery I spewed out in 5 minutes wrote for this post for a recording. “Sure,” I said, “but that’s just the first verse. Don’t you want the whole song?” So here it is— a full parody. :3 

Have fun trying to sing along. This song is an impossible tongue-twister. XD; 

To the tune of “What’s This”~ 

The fuck? The fuck?
The fuck is in the air?
The fuck? There’s white shit everywhere~
The fuck? I must be fuckin’ baked
And this shit fake
But what the hell did I just take?
The fuck?

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